At Pyrofex, we build high-performance distributed development tools that are easy to use, secure, and continuously reliable. Large-scale distributed computing should be easier and more accessible. Below are some of the projects we are engaged in.
Numifex is a merchant solution for accepting payments in cryptocurrency. The pre-release version processes Ethereum payments. Future versions of Numifex will support transactions in additional cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin. Follow us as we continue to make breakthroughs with this new and innovative solution.
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The Pyrofex development team works in partnership with the RChain Cooperative on the RChain blockchain platform.

RChain is an Apache licensed, decentralized, economically secured, censorship-resistant, public compute infrastructure, and blockchain. It will host and execute programs popularly referred to as “smart contracts”. It will be trustworthy, scalable, concurrent, with proof-of-stake consensus, and large-scale content delivery.

Project goals, software, and documentation is available at:
Pyr8 is a high-performance JavaScript execution engine built on top of V8 and intended for use as a general purpose network server in large-scale distributed systems. Pyr8 exposes a collection of bare-metal, thread-safe Linux APIs to JavaScript through a collection of simple primitives that are built with high-performance, secure, distributed computing in mind.
(Excerpt from the user’s manual introduction by Nash Foster)
Why JavaScript for PYR8?
When I came to Mike and suggested we quit our jobs to start a company, I knew that I wanted to build a system to help programmers build large-scale software. I was a systems programmer and I felt that distributed systems were too hard to make fast, reliable, and secure at the same time. I wanted a better way and I suspected people like you did, too. Mike had spent a decade researching programming language theory and working with Google on its JavaScript tools that help users build secure web sites.
We quickly realized that of all the modern programming languages, JavaScript offered the best combination of the performance and security guarantees we needed to demonstrate our best ideas. We look forward to supporting a wide variety of programming languages from Scala to Python to Rust someday. That's a future we are certainly looking forward to, but we're also a startup and we needed to get a product into your hands as quickly as possible.
Pyr8 is currently in development.
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Cryptofex - Software Without Limits
Far more than just another IDE, Cryptofex is an exciting and ambitious reimagining of the software industry that integrates capital, technology, programming talent, and software distribution—in real time. Cryptofex’s cloud-based development platform will let developers compile binaries for any target platform (CPU or Blockchain VM) with any programming language they wish. Moreover, Cryptofex’s unique compiler technology will provably ensure these binaries are both correct and malware-free. But objective levels of software quality and security are just the beginning. Cryptofex’s integrated App Store will be the world’s first smart contract-mediated software market where developers can easily list, license and sell their Cryptofex-certified software to consumers peer-to-peer.
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Pyrofex co-founder Mike Stay, other members of the Pyrofex development team, and Lucius Gregory Meredith, RChain Cooperative president, are co-developers of Rholang.
Rholang is a new language for writing smart contracts that run on the Rholang virtual machine (RhoVM). The language is a reflective higher-order process calculus, based on Milner's asynchronous polyadic pi-calculus. As such, it is inherently concurrent and better suited to distributed programming than inherently sequential languages based on Turing machines or Church's lambda.
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