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Pyrofex Corporation is one of Utah Valley’s newest cryptocurrency startups. Founded in the Spring of 2016 by ex-Googlers Mike Stay and Nash Foster, Pyrofex is working hard to create the next-generation of blockchain platforms and decentralized applications.

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Interested in talking with a member of our team or about our work? Please contact media@pyrofex.net.

RNode v0.7.1 Offers Validator Bonding, Cost Accounting, A Name Registry, & A Rholang Cheat Sheet

Additional work included in the release brings performance enhancements that include: a new threading model, fine-grained locking in the tuplespace, and in memory DAG storage.

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RNode v0.6.1 Supports Launch Of The RChain Test Net

Features introduced in RNode v0.6.1 support the creation and validation of the genesis block to launch the RChain test net on September 5, 2018.

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An Interview With Pyrofex CEO, Nash Foster

Nash Foster discusses the projects that Pyrofex is currently working on as well as the future of blockchain.

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Understanding Rholang & Rchain

Mike explains Rholang & RChain and the role that Pyrofex plays in the Cooperative.

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Working At Pyrofex

Come work at Pyrofex! We employ high achievers who know how to get their best work done. Our culture is both collaborative and autonomous which gives our employees endless opportunities for learning and growth. We have fun, love to make friends, and want to see your drive, your passion, and your curiosity lead you to great places at Pyrofex.

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Learning Rholang
How To Get Started

Kyle gives an overview of Rholang and how you can get started with Rholang.

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RNode v0.5.1 Write And Transact Smart Contracts On The Platform

RNode v0.5.1 completes delivery of the core features needed for dApp developers to write smart contracts on the RChain platform. Get started with RNode v0.5.1.

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RNode v0.4.1 Introduces Sending Rholang Smart Contracts Across The Network

RNode v0.4.1 takes significant next steps toward building the RChain blockchain with the introduction of deployment of Rholang contracts across the network, and proposal and acceptance of new blocks.

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RNode v0.3.1 introduces the RChain consensus protocol

RNode v0.3.1 allows developers to observe the consensus protocol in action, interact with the node API via gRPC services, execute Rholang contracts that print to the console via STDERR and STDOUT channels, operate the node in a persistence mode - supporting data storage between restarts, and benefit from new system features including support for persistence of keys and support for systemd.

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Introducing RSpace

RSpace-0.1 is the first implementation of the storage layer component of the RChain blockchain.

The RChain Coop’s development team is pleased to announce the initial release of the storage layer — RSpace. RSpace — 0.1 is an early version of the RChain storage implementation. This is another of the pre-production release milestones toward the release of the RChain blockchain.

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RNode-0.2.1 integrates Rholang to the RChain Node

With the release of RNode-0.2.1 you are now able to run the node in three different network modes, compile and run Rholang code, and connect with other nodes on the network using an encrypted handshake.

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RChain node version 0.1.3 released

Check out this exciting interview with Greg Meredith and Nash Foster of the RChain Cooperative! A fundamentally new kind of blockchain platform, RChain is rooted in a formal model of concurrent and decentralized computation.

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Pyrofex Pawel Szulc to present at Lambda Days 2018 on RChain’s Rholang

Pyrofex and RChain Scala developer Pawel Szulc will present at Lambda Days 2018 being held February 22–23 in Krakow, Poland.

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RChain – The Scalable,
Concurrent and Performant Blockchain

Check out this exciting interview with Greg Meredith and Nash Foster of the RChain Cooperative! A fundamentally new kind of blockchain platform, RChain is rooted in a formal model of concurrent and decentralized computation.

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The RChain Cooperative & Pyrofex Corporation ink Strategic Partnership

The RChain Cooperative and Pyrofex Corporation announced strategically important service contracts and an equity investment intended to deliver several mutually beneficial blockchain solutions.

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Rchain Exclusive chat Lawrence Lerner & Nash Foster: Making the Blockchain Industry Ready!

Exclusive chat Lawrence Lerner & Nash Foster with BlockchainBrad: We talk about how RChain will make the Blockchain Industry Ready.

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Utah Java Users Group @UtahJava

Nash Foster, CEO of Pyrofex, presented a blockchain primer to the Utah Java Users Group.

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RChain Node.Hello (v0.1) Released

The RChain Coop’s developer team is pleased to announce the initial milestone release of our RChain node software — Node.Hello (v0.1). This package marks the first of many pre-production release milestones along our flight to Mercury.

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