Are you interested in working with a hard-core team of brilliant engineers on a technology that could change the world? Tired of corporate awareness training, pointless meetings, bloviating managers, and political games? Looking for an environment that hires great engineers, gives them the tools to do great things, and expects them to do so?

Pyrofex is hiring. Come do your best work.

How we work

We work hard and enjoy it! This is because Pryrofex was founded by engineers who want to build great products. We know people who have a passion for quality, creativity, and innovation will achieve great things when they are in an environment that supports both independence and collaboration. We seek out meaningful work and are committed to solving hard engineering problems. We set high expectations for excellence from everyone. Pyrofex founders demand as much of themselves as they do of others on the team.

Who we hire

At Pyrofex, we hire for strength, and not for lack of weakness. We hire for capability and talent, not specific knowledge of a tool or language. We believe real innovation requires constant learning and learning requires constant failure. Nobody learns to ride a bike until they skin their knee. One of our founders has a Ph.D., but the other one dropped out of college. (Twice!) The path we’ve taken to get this far is unique and we suspect the same will be true of our best employees.

Wanted: Cryptocurrency software engineers

Pyrofex hires engineers at all levels of experience — from current students, to recent graduates, to academics, to engineers with decades of experience. We are particularly interested in programmers that have knowledge of functional programming, a background in computer science, and can program in Scala. However, if you think this job is a fit for you, we’re willing to take a look.

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Linux Systems Administrator

We are currently hiring a Linux System Administrator to run the day to day operations of our busy development office.

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Java Developer

We are currently hiring Java Developers to help us with our Cryptofex project. Developers on this team will design, implement, test, deploy, and manage a large-scale global software system using Java.

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