Introducing Pyr8

Pyr8 is a high-performance JavaScript execution engine built on top of V8 and intended for use as a general purpose network server in large-scale distributed systems. Pyr8 exposes a collection of bare-metal, thread-safe Linux APIs to JavaScript through a collection of simple primitives that are built with high-performance, secure, distributed computing in mind.

That's a mouthful, so let me break it down for you.

  • Pyr8 is a natively threaded server offering thread-safe, shared APIs.
  • Pyr8 ships with filesystem support, including a persistent key/value database.
  • Pyr8 uses a security model called object capabilities to isolate programs from each other, while still allowing them to share resources.
  • Pyr8's APIs are easy to understand and use correctly. And, if you use them, their security is supported by a rich mathematical model.
  • You'll find out more details on this web site, but for now let me answer an important question up front...

Why JavaScript?

When I came to Mike and suggested we quit our jobs to start a company, I knew that I wanted to build a system to help programmers build large-scale software. I was a systems programmer and I felt that distributed systems were too hard to make fast, reliable, and secure at the same time. I wanted a better way and I suspected people like you did, too. Mike had spent a decade researching programming language theory and working with Google on its JavaScript tools that help users build secure web sites.

We quickly realized that of all the modern programming languages, JavaScript offered the best combination of the performance and security guarantees we needed to demonstrate our best ideas. We look forward to supporting a wide variety of programming languages from Scala to Python to Rust—someday. That's a future we are certainly looking forward to, but we're also a startup and we needed to get a product into your hands as quickly as possible.