Pyr8 User's Manual

Version 1.0 Alpha 1


My name is Nash Foster, and together with my friend and colleague Mike Stay, I recently founded a company called Pyrofex. We founded our company for one simple reason: we love to build large-scale distributed systems that are always reliable and secure, and we wanted to help users like yourself do it more easily.

When Mike and I founded the company, we felt strongly that several key advances in programming language theory would ease the development of every day large-scale systems. However, we weren’t sure exactly how to expose the APIs to users or how to build the toolsets. Grand visions compete with practical necessity, so we spent months talking to users just like you to discover what kinds of things you were most interested in. We spent many hours at white-boards, checking our work against the best CS theory we know. And, of course, we have enjoyed many long days of hacking in the hopes that we can produce something new and useful, for you.

Mike and I are mathematicians by education, engineers by trade, and we have a shared love of teaching. Many of you will be familiar with the ideas in this document, but many of you will be encountering them for the first time. Some sections of this document are fairly mathematical in their nature, which may be unappealing to more practically minded.

Before we get going, let me take a second to thank you. I think this is the most exciting time I’ve ever seen to be a programmer (and I wrote my first program in the early 1980’s). The technologies available today are varied and compelling and exciting. I hope that you’ll be as excited as I am about some of the ideas we’ve discovered while building this product.